Las Mananitas

A place for young children to imagine, explore, and create - in Spanish

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At Las Mañanitas, we believe that we have created a warm, fun and natural environment in which the children will feel secure if Spanish is new to them and “at home” if Spanish is their primary language.

child holding butterfly

Our Daily Activities reflect our strong commitment to the idea that ‘natural play' builds a powerful and lasting educational foundation. In these early years, children need ample time and varied natural opportunities to speak, sing, dialogue, problem solve, and listen. Imaginative play, circle singing time, storytelling, art, baking, and gardening  all create wonderful opportunities for children to explore language in the context of meaningful relationships and activities. We believe that these experiences truly provide the best 'academic basis' for all other learning.

We also believe that a child’s physical environment greatly impacts any lasting learning. In our home-like setting we provide playthings made of natural materials, organic and homemade snack and lunch, an abundance of quality Spanish literature, and caring teachers who offer encouragement and guidance along the way.