Las Mananitas

A place for young children to imagine, explore, and create - in Spanish

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Daily Activities


We will begin our day together welcoming children and their families in the outdoor play area.

Outdoor Time

child painting

Outdoor play in all seasons and types of weather is a fundamental part of our time together. The children are active participants in our whole outdoor environment, from checking on our worm friends and tending the garden we plant together to incorporating their natural surroundings in their play – pine-cones become large muffins or roasting chickens; lavender becomes carrots for stew. We also keep paint easels and an outdoor chalkboard wall perpetually ready for little artists.

We end our outdoor play with a snack of organic apple slices and homemade muffins, followed by movement games and our Morning Circle activities.

Indoor Time

child baking

We begin our inside time with a circle time of singing and a short literacy activity. Then children chose from a variety of activities designed to encourage oral language expression through creative play, open-ended art and math activities, and natural exploration of literature and literacy experiences.

We end our indoor play with lunch time. We provide a homemade organic lunch which the children help prepare. We also bake with the children every Wednesday and Friday.

Ending Time

After lunch, we end our day together with singing, story time and community book sharing.